What A Digital Transformation Agency Can Do For Your Business - Specific Niche Examples

What do MasterClass, Tony Robbins, and Zillow all have in common? 

They’ve all gone through the same process to achieve their success: digital transformation. 

And while you may not yet be familiar with it, digital transformation has come to define the 21st century competitive environment.

What is Digital Transformation (DX)

Digital transformation can take many shapes, but we think Salesforce defines it best: 

“...The process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.”

“This reimagining of business in the digital age is digital transformation.”

Digital Transformation is where Jeff Bezos started

Digital transformation is where Jeff Bezos started out. Amazon began by transforming the concept of buying a product in-store to having that product show up at your doorstep within 48-hours of purchase.

The process of digital transformation is what put Google, Apple, Facebook, and virtually every other successful company on the market today.

But just as the products and businesses that undergo digital transformation take a myriad of forms, so too does the process itself.

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#1: The Business With an Idea

This type of transformation turns an idea into a complete digital experience. By defining the value proposition, validating it in the marketplace, and building an MVP (minimum viable product), a concept transforms into a digital product.

#2: The Business Ready for an Upgrade

In this framework, an existing product goes through digital transformation to evolve Version 1.0 into Version 2.0. This usually happens when a digital product is already tested and validated in the marketplace and is acquiring customers, but there’s still room for growth and improvement.

Digital Transformation Process

So how does a business accomplish digital transformation?

At Rootstrap, we break it into three phases:





Align on high-level requirements for the project.

Turn high-level requirements into Release 1 plan for Sprint 1 development.

Release by release planning with sprint by sprint development using Scrum principles.





· Audit

· Concept Board

· Storymap

· Estimation

· R1 Storymap

· R1 UX Flowchart

· Visual Explorations

· Sprint 1 Screens

Digital Transformation fora Modern Enterprise Organization

While this transformation can benefit any company, enterprise organizations are often the ones who benefit most. For enterprise corporations, this often takes one of two forms: 

1) A new product idea that needs to be prototyped and tested in the marketplace

2) A new product upgrade that needs to integrate into existing software

Both product solutions follow a similar digital transformation roadmap and use a framework like the one below.


Setting The Vision

Design/Code Assessment

Accurate Estimates

Defining The Goal


Planning And Prioritizing

UX/UI Design

Development Environment Set-Up

Account, Passwords, And Process

Iterative Product Development

Weekly Sprints

Planning Meetings

Review Meetings


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Tony Robbins - Founder at Robbins Research Institute

How To Guarantee A Successful Transition

Digital transformation is revolutionizing industry after industry, with a plethora of examples in eCommerce, finance, real estate, energy, and many more. But achieving a successful digital transformation isn’t easy. 

A successful transformation relies on a strong framework and roadmap, an iteration-based development model, and a market-validated MVP, or minimum viable product. Without these tools, the process runs the risk of failing to improve the product or meaningfully advance high-level business objectives. 

But even more importantly, the key to a successful transformation is an experienced, skilled digital partner that understands how to deploy the various elements of the transformation process in order to maximize business value. Centering the high-level business goals of the company is paramount to a successful project and long-term ROI, and only a seasoned expert in the transformation process can reliably produce those results.

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