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According to the latest online education statistics, eLearning is projected to grow to $325 billion by 2025. The pandemic has accelerated this trend, causing a 335% increase in revenue for the industry so far.

If you’re thinking of creating an education app, now is the time.

Today, students are using education apps to learn on their laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Working adults are also turning to education apps to acquire the skills they need to stay ahead of the curve.

With a team of seasoned software developers, Rootstrap makes the world’s most polished mobile apps. We helped Tony Robbins - the nation’s #1 life coach and business strategist - digitize his content and deliver it in an intuitive and easy-to-use education application.

Rootstrap creates apps targeted to appeal to different types of students. One of our unique areas of expertise is in designing and developing education apps for students with disabilities.

Our beautiful apps equip schools and businesses in the education industry with the tools they need to interact and engage with their students.

Interactive eLearning App Design

Kids and adults use mobile apps in almost the same way. If they aren’t absorbed by what’s happening in an app, they find another that interests them or simply move on to a more exciting activity.

It’s no secret; the modern attention span is getting shorter every day.

Getting students to stay focused, eager, and on task after opening an education app is an art form. Keeping their attention requires mobile app mastery.

When you hire an education app developer like Rootstrap, you won’t have to worry about capturing and retaining your students’ attention. We implicitly understand the cognitive psychology of engagement and apply those insights in every step of the development process.

Rootstrap creates completely immersive education apps for eLearners.

How we Create Apps for Students

Kids and adults use mobile apps in almost the same way. If they aren’t absorbed by what’s happening in an app, they find another that interests them. Or, they simply engage in other activities that excite them. 

Getting students to stay focused, eager, and on task after opening an education app is an art form. Keeping their attention requires a somewhat of a minor miracle. 

When you hire an education app developer like Rootstrap, you won’t have to worry about capturing and keeping students’ attention. We implicitly understand the cognitive psychology of attention. 

Rootstrap creates education apps that students become completely immersed in.

The premier app development company trusted by the fastest growing startups + Fortune 500

Reliable Education App Development

To successfully compete for your students’ attention with popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, you need your education app to be up and running 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Uptime is one of the qualities web users look for when choosing an app. Apps created by Rootstrap are reliably online. We know that app owners lose advocates and users each second their apps go offline. 

Our team continually problem-solves to provide the best service and unfailing uptime.

Lightning Fast eLearning Apps

A slow app is essentially as ineffective as an offline app. If an app takes more than a few seconds to load, users will quickly abandon it.

Rootstrap developers use the best tools and services to ensure round-the-clock uptime of our clients’ apps. Since all technological tools have limitations, we strategize to address potential issues before they happen.

For a mobile app to meet with success, it must be fast and functional on multiple platforms, such as iOS and Android. Our cross-platform app development ensures your eLearning app will load swiftly and seamlessly on all devices.

At Rootstrap, we don’t cut corners. Instead, we painstakingly innovate to create adaptive, high-functioning apps.

We work hard to ensure that:

Your app will load fast - No matter the platform, it will deliver the speed your audience demands

Your app will be fully responsive - All features and buttons within the app will operate fluidly on all target devices and operating systems.

Your app will be intuitive - The app’s default gestures, actions, and animations will only happen when they’re supposed to happen.

Fun Educational App Design

With the existence of massively popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others, it’s increasingly difficult for people not to get distracted. Choosing entertainment over education is all too easy.

To compete with top-rated apps, Rootstrap creates education apps that are fun to use.

If your education app is fun, users will have less resistance. When an app is educational and entertaining, students will enjoy more productive learning sessions and retain more information.

Here at Rootstrap, we use gamification to make education apps entertaining. Gamification means using game design elements in apps that usually aren’t made to be fun.

Studies show that students learn best in stress-free environments. Without gamification, the lessons in the app may appear rigorous and overwhelming. Intimidating virtual lectures rarely motivate students to start learning and may turn them away from wanting to use an app in favor of a more welcoming activity.

Incorporating games into the learning process incentivizes students to stay engaged and want to return to the lessons. Many successful eLearning apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, such as Duolingo, use gamification.

Gamification makes learning more exciting and acts as a memory aid by taking a non-boring approach to repetition for emphasis.

Since Rootstrap understands the complex psychology behind users, our developers know how to help your app attract and retain students’ attention. With Rootstrap’s gamification methods, learning is fun

Student, Teacher, & Parent Communication Made Easy

Having a strong communication strategy is a vital part of the learning process. Communication engenders respect and solid relationships between instructors, students, and parents.

Effective communication is also a necessary component in building an engaging and motivating environment.

Rootstrap’s app development strategies help open up communication lines, making sure students feel seen and can get the help they need to succeed.

Creating a Supportive Environment

In a positive learning environment, students will feel their instructors are accessible and ready to provide support. They will also feel comfortable asking questions without fear of ridicule.

Good communication is a healthy combination of speaking and listening. Rootstrap designs education apps that give educators clear communication guidelines.

 These guidelines highlight the best ways to interact, helping them understand, and address their students ’ needs virtually. If parents will be part of discussions within the app, Rootstrap builds the app to include them.

A well-designed app will do much to foster a positive environment, ensuring there is not a disconnect between administrators, teachers, parents, and students.

 By hiring Rootstrap, you can rest assured that clear communication channels will be created to promote healthy and positive conversations within your education app.

Customizable eLearning App Development

Apart from allowing students to learn at their own pace, your education app should also provide some customization and personalization options. A robust app empowers learners and will enable them to select their preferred delivery method and content type.

For example, if you want to create an eBook library, you may include features that allow readers to choose the reading level and length of the book they want. They should also be able to decide what format of book they would like and how to annotate.

Rootstrap’s premium app design process considers all user preferences to provide a stimulating and personalized learning experience.

How to Offer Personalized App Learning

Although it’s not feasible to provide excessive customization options, experienced Rootstrap developers know how to strategize and identify what exactly your users need.

For example, some educators will require students to submit documents or files in various formats to complete specific assignments. The app needs to provide these features and any others needed for the organization.

Effective personalization will make your education app an appealing, beneficial, and sought-after learning tool.

Content Creation and Feedback

Beyond just learners, all app users deserve consideration during the design process. The app must be intuitive for educators, parents, and others who contribute to the app.

If instructors or assignment designers are needed to create content for your education app, you need a developer who will create a platform with this functionality level.

Rootstrap makes it easy for instructors to create assignments, provide feedback, and more. We design the app to help educators know their students, analyze previous knowledge, and understand what they want to learn.

The teacher will be able to assess their students’ progress, see what their students are studying, and determine if more clarity is needed in a lesson. Then, teachers will be prepared to provide meaningful feedback to help students monitor their advancement.

Only an expert education app developer like Rootstrap can provide the teachers and students the eLearning features they need.

Choose Rootstrap to Create Your Education App

The world is turning to technology more than ever, and the need for eLearning is growing.

If you’re looking for an education app developer that will create the application you envision, choose Rootstrap. 

The premier app development company trusted by the fastest growing startups + Fortune 500

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