Quality Assurance Services: Ensure your software quality every step of the way.    

At Rootstrap we provide end to end quality assurance services. Our testing solutions have proven to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and guarantee high performance. With QA services you will establish control over your product’s lifecycle by monitoring development stages and receiving product quality information. 

Quality Process

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a method used to find errors in a developed product. Testing identifies whether actual outcomes match expected results and also aids in finding defects, gaps, or missing requirements. The purpose of software testing is to ensure the deployment of a defect-free and quality product.

Our Software Quality Assurance Solutions 

Rootstrap’s QA team works with clients to ensure that software developed continuously meets quality standards and business objectives. 

We strive to deliver the highest level of service by monitoring the software engineering processes, methods used, and the product itself. 

Our services encompass the entire software development process, including requirements definition, software design, functionality testing, user experience, and product integration.

What do Quality Assurance Services do?

QA services ensure the quality of software products. Testing allows for positive end-user experiences and reduces the cost of the whole development process. Finding defects early is cheaper than having to later make changes to the whole system. 

Software testing is important because it allows developers to find and address any defects or bugs before delivering products to clients. QA guarantees that the product is reliable, defect-free, and of high quality.

Why is Software Testing important?

Rootstrap Quality Assurance Services 

Deliver your product with confidence, no matter what your ideal partnership may be.

Managed Testing
Strategic Consulting
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Managed Testing Services

Trusted Technology Partner

Strategic Quality Assurance Consulting & Advisory Services

Rootstrap’s dedicated QA team takes full control of your testing activities. 

Sometimes, you just need extra muscle – and we've got it in ample supply. Whether you're on a crunched timeline and need to ship and test a product fast or just want a couple outside experts on your coding strike team, our quality assurance team will help you get the product done right. 

Having trouble revealing the root causes of your quality problems? With the help of your dev team, our QA team can help you find the root cause of quality issues by performing a QA process audit. We can also support your team by designing a quality assurance strategy and helping oversee testing to ensure your product is seamlessly made. 

What are the steps in Quality Assurance? 





QA Test Planning

Test Design

Software analysis is the first step of the QA process. This step is essential to determine the goal and define requirements to test software. 

QA test planning is the second step of the QA process. QA engineers define the software testing strategy, scope, budget, and deadlines. In this phase, responsibilities within the team are distributed and different tests, methods, and tools are defined.

Designing tests is the third step of the QA process. QA teams ensure that each test contains the appropriate conditions, data, and steps to validate functionalities. Expected results have to be defined in order to detect defects and errors. 




Run Release Tests

Testing and Reporting


Testing and reporting is the fourth step of the QA process. Developers begin administering unit tests to later have the QA team tests at API and UI levels to detect all bugs. 

Release testing is the final step of the QA process. Developers release details of implemented changes of fixed bugs, features, etc. The QA team ensures that the implemented changes have not affected the functionality of the product. The QA team performs smoke tests to certify that the product is indeed stable

Re-testing is the fifth step of the QA process. Once bugs have been identified and fixed, retesting will verify the changes. 

We've got you covered 

We test functional and non-functional software features to deliver an outstanding user experience.

Functional testing 

Smoke testing, Integration testing, System testing, Regression testing, User Acceptance Testing, Unit testing.   

Usability testing

UX audit

Accessibility testing

Make your application, web or mobile, accessible to all your end-users. We perform accessibility audits to your system to ensure the right level of compliance according to the criteria defined in WCAG 2.1.

Automated testing

Automated testing for web and mobile applications, creating custom made automation plans to obtain the highest ROI. We work with different test automation frameworks, tailored to your needs making it easy to maintain and use as time goes by.

Performance testing

Load testing, Stress testing, Scalability testing, Stability testing.

Security testing

Source code review (through a detailed analysis of the code while it's being developed we identify potential security risks), Penetration Testing QA (simulating attacks against your system to be able to detect security faults on time), Vulnerability Scanning (by running automated tools designed to detect vulnerabilities in your application), Testing against sensitive data exposure and security misconfiguration (protect your data from being accessed by outside intruders as well as testing that any third-party integration is well configured for further prevention)

Software testing is important because it allows developers to find and address any defects or bugs before delivering products to clients. QA guarantees that the product is reliable, defect-free, and of high quality.

Why is Software Testing important?

What applications can we test?

  • Web Application Testing 

  • Mobile Application Testing 

  • Desktop Application Testing 

QA Test Planning


Ellipse Stages

QA Process Stages

Ellipse Stages
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Stages union

Testing and Reporting

Test Design

Ellipse Stages
Ellipse Stages
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Testing and reporting
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Green line
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Green line

Release Testing

Curved line
Curved line


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Ellipse Stages
Ellipse Stages
Release testing
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Manual Quality Assurance vs Automated QA (as a service)

Manual QA services are perfect for clients who prefer a QA analyst to manually discover bugs in software under development. The QA specialist closely monitors the functionality of software features and executes cases and reports without using any automation. 
Automated QA services are great for clients who need tests to be executed quickly. QA teams write code to automate pre-scripted tests to compare actual results to expected results. 

Benefits of Quality Assurance

Manual Testing
Arroy polygon
Green curve
Black dot
Green arrow
Initial investment
Cost savings
Grey curve
Middle circle
Black dot


Automated testing
Arrow right


High-Quality Software Releases

Value and Transparency

Reduced Cost = Higher ROI

  • Established control over the product life cycle.
  • Traceability and a full report of bugs to measure project health. 
  • Valuable information on system performance to plan for future product capabilities. 
  • A team of quality experts. Our QA team understands how to provide end-users with the satisfaction and experience they expect.
  • Less time equals lower cost during maintenance and warranty needed to fix bugs.
  • High-quality products sell at higher rates. 
  • Stable and competitive products to compete in the market as top quality products.
  • Save development team hours of testing that could be done entirely by the QA team. The development team’s efficiency, as a result, will increase.
  • Early detection of issues due to our mature testing process. Finding bugs earlier saves a lot of development time.
  • Expert test engineers committed to your product development. 

Why Rootstrap?

Rootstrap’s collaborative and well-balanced team can handle the most demanding requirements and ensure the product you envision. Our QA team will become your true business partner helping you find solutions every step of the way.


The quality of your software is our priority. We have complete expertise in automation testing tools and quality assurance. We focus on business objectives and organizations’ needs while making sure we completely understand and serve your target market. We understand the importance of software quality, you can trust us to safeguard your app against bugs by carefully testing your product every step of the way.

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